1United Tee

$ 19.00

This last election has divided our country more so than any election I can recall. 

Log in to your social media accounts and all you will see is constant posts justifying one's political stance, while tearing down another one's view.  Read deeper into those posts and it becomes littered with personal attacks, sometimes even threats! The media then chimes in, highlighting the racial divide in our country, raising an already hot topic to even greater temperatures! The divide in our country has never been greater in my lifetime.

  But what everyone forgets is the power of standing as 1. As 1United we can overcome our differences and keep America great, or rather help make it great again. As 1United we can make it a better place for our kids to live together PEACEFULLY for generations to come. I know, it's a great tag line and easier said than done. But it only starts with 1 believing this and making it happen. Be the 1!

This tee is dedicated to that mantra and is available in a unisex fit in  sizes small-xxl , in either Stone Grey, or Red, for a limited time and at a special price of only $15!!!