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About Last 1 Standing

How it all began..

It all started in May, 2012 ("512"). After 11 years of competing and persevering to transform my physique, I found that same drive and determination being translated over to motivating others to become their best, not only in the gym, but in any endeavor life would throw at them. I had clients I would prepare for contests, and then the common non-competitive athletes that just wanted to be "THEIR best! It was very rewarding to see how much of an impact I could have on other's lives. A few common  themes  became evident in the pursuit of the gym, and more importantly, in life....the ability to PERSEVERE through the toughest of circumstances, more specifically... 1.The ability to DOMINATE your fears and perceived limitations. OVERCOMING self manufactured limitations and perceptions,by consistently pushing through on a daily basis, without any hesitation or fear of failure. 2. The ability to DESTROY the goals you set out in front of you each and every day.  In the gym, taking it to another level on a daily basis, and outside the gym, never compromising and always looking forward, never behind! 3. The ability to CONQUER any and all obstacles that stand in your way. Being resilient in all that you do, and letting your mental control your physical. It all starts upstairs , and we all know as the mind goes, the body will follow. Never letting anything get you off track and always pushing the limits! ..this is a common theme amongst all of the gear at L1S, and I typically refer to it as "DDC". I feel it's the only way to live life to the fullest, ensuring you have always left no stone unturned!


Oh yeah, about the clothing....

Now that you have a little backstory, let's talk about what we are NOT. We are not the typical fly-by-night apparel company that is going to google slogans and throw them on a cheap, low quality shirt! EVERYTHING has been designed by myself, from MY MIND and I take a lot of pride in coming up with motivational gear that is unique. In addition, everything is printed in the USA by my own hands. I do not outsource overseas to save a buck and put a lot of time and sweat into making the gear. All clothing is premium quality and we do not use cheap fabrics or lines. I make clothing I want to wear, and I am as picky as they come. I believe if I am going to bust my tail to design and print a piece of clothing, that it should only be printed on the best possible garment. YOU deserve the best. Anything less is a waste of your money and my time ;-).