Champions Train Hoodie

$ 25.00

Having competed in bodybuilding for almost 15 years...from both local, state, and national shows, one theme that always stuck with me and will always hold true, is that your attitude truly does dictate your altitude. 

My very first show back in 2002 I did fairly well, winning first place in the novice middleweight class and taking 4th place in the open  middleweight class. The second show was the 2003 Mike Francois Classic, where I came in against 17 other middleweight contenders and also won my class.  My third show was my first national show, the 2004 IFBB North Americans, and I placed 2nd out of only 4 guys. A couple weeks later I went on to compete in the Mr. Ohio, where I took a very disappointing and controversial 2nd place in my class.  Both my trainer, Mike Francois, and I were shocked and felt I was "robbed". I stewed about it and was pretty upset. I still remember not sleeping that night. Katie went to bed at the hotel, while I ended up leaving at 3 in the morning to go over to Walmart. I couldn't sleep and certainly didn't understand why I got placed second. I ended up in my car, in the parking lot, eating cereal and ice cream around 4 in the morning, licking my wounds. After all, this was my first taste of adversity in the sport and until this point in my career, I had not had a negative experience. That would change over the next 10+ years on stage and I learned the only way to deal with it, is to keep your head down, quit your complaining, and keep training hard and doing everything right that I could control.  I truly feel that is what builds champions...not only in bodybuilding, but more importantly, in LIFE! Don't dwell on something to the point of complaining about it all the time. Learn what you did wrong, fix it, and come back stronger next time. 

This is exactly why I designed and printed this limited edition hoodie! A 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, this rugged hoodie features the print " Champions Train/Losers Complain" printed on the front, with "Overcome" printed across the hood. Available in Large-2Xl while supplies last.