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PAIN is all I KNOW....and what MAKES you GROW!


 We all experience pain at one point or another in life. It's inevitable, and how we handle it defines us...leading to greater life!






 The pain we all encounter in the gym is a physical and mental pain...building muscle, burning body fat, and forging a new a direct result of pushing through the physical, and more importantly...mental barriers. But the reward of pushing yourself beyond perceived physical limitations results in growth...not only physically, but mentally. If you have been training for a number of years you will certainly know what I am talking about. Over years of pounding the iron, never backing down or compromising in pursuit of your goals, you develop a mental toughness. This mental toughness is a result of knowing that even though you are going through excruciating pain in the gym at that moment, that it will make you become stronger and you will grow as a direct result...physically and mentally! The pain is more than justified by the end result. You have developed the mindset that if you push yourself beyond your comfort zone, you can expect to come out a stronger individual.

Being comfortable is directly correlated to being...normal. And normal is directly correlated to being complacent. And if you are complacent then you aren't growing. In life if you aren't growing, then you're dying. So the next time you hit the gym, embrace the pain, conquer it, and get ready to GROW!

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  • Tim,
    Thanks for the much needed blog post. As I struggle to find time for the gym and the energy to go, as I let life, and primarily work introdude on the things I know I should be doing, and as I see all of my hard fought gains disappearing, I appreciate the reminder on why I started in the first place. To be complacent is to be normal. To be normal is to be okay with being out of shape and weak, both of which I am not. Time to get back at it, to do away with the excuses, and to live for the pain and discomfort that reminds me I am not normal, nor am I complacent!

    Chris Oliver

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